Film Set Catering

Filmed at a striking location, Edge is a smart and sincere character-driven drama from film-maker Carol Morley.

It’s a cold winter’s day on the East Sussex coast, and a disparate group gravitate to a hotel situated close to a crumbling cliff. Elly (Maxine Peake) gives the impression she just wants to be alone; musician Glen (Paul Hilton) is in search of inspiration, and is keen to endear himself to others visiting the hotel’s dining room; Phillip (Joe Dempsie) and Sophie (Nichola Burley) have set up a date over the internet; and Wendy (Marjorie Yates) has locked herself in her room, with a grim objective. Hotel maid Agata (Anna Wendzikowska) flits through the rooms, intrigued by the lives of the guests, and keen to make a connection with them. Gradually, the motives and intentions of each of these lost souls are revealed.

Edge is a smart and sincere character-driven drama from filmmaker Carol Morley, with wry humour and astute observations balancing the pathos of the lives depicted, and the recognisable ensemble cast put in exceptional performances. The hotel building that’s seen better days appears to be creeping ever closer to the treacherous white cliffs, its surroundings blanketed with snow. It is an alluring and evocative setting which provides the film with a striking, rare framing for its characters and themes.