Evening Buffet Menu

Self Service
– Please Select any Five Items –

Chicken Rotis
Jamaican Patties
Salt Fish And Ackee Vol Au Vents
Christmas Style Ham On The Bone
Four Cheese Board With Crackers Spicy Relish & Grapes
Sweet & Sour Chicken Drumsticks
Fried White Fish Steaks
Chef’s Mixed Sandwich Platter
Lamb Samosas
Vegetable Quiche
Macaroni Pie
Wild Boar & Apple Sausages With Rolls & Ketchup
Rasta Pasta Bean Salad
Tomato Red Onion & Mango Salad
Homemade Coleslaw

(Minimum of 60 covers required)

High quality disposable cutlery/crockery/napkins included

Evening BBQ food available (Subject to venue conditions)